Nigeria Government Inviting Private Sectors to Invest in Activities of River Basins


The Federal Ministry of Water Resources has pleaded with the private sector to invest in activities of the River basins to help the country meet its food security target.
The Director, River Basin Operations and Inspectorate, Mr John Ochigbo, made this known on a two-day Retreat for the Governing Boards of the 12 River Basin Development Authorities and the Parastatals of the Ministry on Wednesday,18th April in Abuja.
Speaking, he disclosed that the River Basins had an important role to play in agricultural revolution.
He advised that they find alternative sources of funding through the involvement of the private sector.

Speaking Further, he said that due to insufficient financial resources government needs assistance from the private sector to meet agricultural demands
Ochigbo necessitate the removal of hinderances to land ownership and acquisition by state government to eliminate the problems facing the river basins in the country.
“I want to use this opportunity to invite investors who are interested in this sector to come and join us, the government does not have sufficient funds to do it all alone, so we need the funds of the private sector to come into this business.
“It is a very lucrative business and I can assure them of their returns. We also call on the state governments to assist us in facilitating the release and acquisition of lands for farming in their various states.
“The honourable minister in the last one month did a presentation to the Economic council where all the governors were present and this appeal was also made for the governors to assist the ministry and the government to remove all encumbrances around land acquisition, so we can launch fully into this programme.” he said

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